pivoting in startup
The word pivot means to shift or change or bend. Additionally, in the case of a startup, to pivot means to change or shift strategies to better meet customer demands Read more
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startup exit strategy
Starting a business is challenging as it is exciting and there are a lot of ups and downs an entrepreneur has to go through before the company begins generating revenue. Read more
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startup incubator meaning
The meaning of a startup incubator is a program usually located in a central workspace. Their purpose is to help a new business find its footing and survive in a Read more
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Liquid Cooling in a PC
Liquid cooling in a PC happens mainly through a cool liquid passing through the heat sink adjacent to CPU processors. The said liquid passes through these pipes touching the heated Read more
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best laptops for data science
Data science is an interdisciplinary practice that uses scientific methods, algorithms, and equations to extract usable information from unstructured data. Data science has begun using artificial intelligence and cloud facilities Read more
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SD cards for Steam Deck
A Steam Deck is basically a handheld gaming PC, much like a Nintendo Switch, developed by Valve. It is a mid-range gaming laptop with a quad-core CPU and a GPU Read more
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