Know-How To Find Developers For Your Startup 2023

Topic – How to find developers for your startup | 2023

Are you looking for software developers for your startup? But confused about how to find a reliable programmer?

Maybe you’re also wondering about where to find reasonable and cheap software developers.

If so, then you are in for a treat here!

In this post, you’ll know how to hire a developer for your startup and get an insight into the best ways and places to hire a software developer.

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how to find developers for your startup

‘Ideas are easy, but the implementations are hard.’

The types of developers you need for startups

The Architect software developer

This type of developer is a senior-level developer with knowledge of major cloud providers’ CI/CD.

These developers can create automated, efficient, and robust release pipelines of the system. 

The Backend software developer

The server side of the development is managed by the backend developer. This developer mainly builds the bridges between the platform and the database.

The Frontend software developer

These developers work on the client-side of the solution, mainly looking after the aesthetics and the visual appeal. The end-user interaction is the task of the frontend developer.

The Full-stack software developer

The full-stack developers possess expertise in both backend and frontend development. Aka these are the pundits of CSS, HTML plus ASP, Node, PHP, JSON and so on.

Mobile software developer

The developers who primarily create mobile-based solutions are the mobile developers. They can work for any device or any platform. 

The software which Software developers for startups should know

For your company, first, decide which audience or users are you going to target. Are you going to target the mobile users, the web users or both of them?

As the development of a digital solution for web and mobile will need native tools to build.

For such a solution that runs on mobile and web, the software developer should be fluent in the usage of hybrid development technologies like the following:

  • The React Native
  • Xamarin
  • Flutter
  • Ionic

When you come to the purview of mobile solutions, then you have to decide between iOS or Android.

When you talk about application development, know that there are no overlaps existing.

Hence, you cannot expect an android developer to build an efficient and native iOS application for your company.

And that’s the same another way around.

Apart from all this, the Android and iOS applications both require a different SDK for their development.

This makes it crucial to find such a platform on which you can run the application before hiring a programmer for your startup.

By keeping these things in mind you’ve to think about how to find app developers for your startup.

How to find developers for your startup

The 7 Efficient Rules for hiring great developers for startup

  • The hiring process should be slow and steady, no rush here!
  • Try to stay away from the so-called ‘rockstars’ of the field.
  • You should be looking for talent, not longevity
  • Remember, cultural fit trumps coding finesse
  • Being a small startup can be your secret weapon at times!
  • What matters is the work, do not forget.
  • The balance is the credit by the open sources
  • Startup founders need to keep a marketing approach when it comes to hiring good software developers.

Put the word outlet the circles out there know that you are looking for good developers, make sure that your company’s message and what you’re trying to solve is known out there.

This will bring you many eligible candidates.

Work in the same way on social media too, spread the word. Go through some impressive portfolios too.

The more you increase your network, the more advancements will make their way towards your startup. 

How do I find an engineer for my startup?


After exercising your strategy for finding potential software developers; Comes the time for screening the eligible candidates.

Applicant tracking systems and other similar tools have made the recruiters’ work so smooth and efficient. Make sure you take advantage of these tools to make your work easy. 

Traditionally, in the tech hiring processes, you invite applications then screen them manually, shortlist them and finally hire.

But this process is not at all scalable, cost-effective or very accurate. 

There are companies out there who can offer you coding assessment software services to help you screen the software developers effortlessly. Such companies are like HackerEarth and Codility.

Also, at times researching their social media presence can help you estimate the potential of the software developers.


The interview is a two-way street. Here you and the developer you’re interviewing, both are going to make some decisions.

Once you select favorable developers, analyze them on the following factors:

  • Are they passionate about their work? Or are they excited about what they’re about to do if the company hires them?
  • Can they communicate efficiently? 
  • Do they have a good grasp on their area of expertise? 
  • Is the candidate someone with whom your team will work effortlessly and with enjoyment?

Try to hire developers for their knowledge of computing and flexibility rather than judging based on the traditional past years of experience.

Make sure you find ways to explore their area of expertise and their portfolios.

You can ask them general questions and also ask them to express their opinion or critique a platform or system or code.

Try to engage them in a conversation regarding the system or code you asked questions about, this can help you understand the candidate’s mental agility as well as problem-solving skills.

If you are a non-tech person who wants a tech-supporting developer, make sure you consult with some programmer or mentor or a consultant before taking the interviews.

Know which question you need to ask for what you’re looking for.

How do I find and hire a developer?

Finding people with the accurate skills who meet our salary and benefits expectations, who can also compete with larger brands are the biggest challenges when it comes to hiring people for a startup.

Before plunging into the hiring process for developers, make sure you know what your requirements are.

The more specific you are, the more you’ve access to better filters.

A definite search set of search skills will help you find the people you require in the right places.

So, before you muse ‘how do I hire a startup developer?’ make sure you keep your requirement in check. It’s going to be pretty helpful when recruiting services.

Once you’re ready with your requirement you should know where to look.

And that’s when you should develop your search strategy.

There are two types of people you’ll come across:

  • The passive job seekers 
  • The active job seekers

Since you will be looking for services for a startup, these are a few resources that you can make use of.

LinkedIn (Best Place to Hire Software Developers)

An interesting profile, company page and a careers page on this platform can help you get recognition for your startup.

Consistent updates, engaging content and Q&As will work as the boosters to your startup. This is how you; the recruiters can efficiently establish yourselves as the thought leaders.

This platform is known for creating referral chains, getting recommendations/ testimonials to popularize your brand. This platform brings you to new, past, present networks and contacts to expand.

You can take advantage of the leverage of the magic of data-driven recruiting. And this is how you can find your way to the best people out there.

Participating in various group discussions, using free ads are a few of the ways to increase the visibility of your startup among the developers and slowly foster a relationship with them.

Social Media

Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google, etc.

These form the nucleus of online interactions and allow you to promote your company, your adapted culture through the existing employees.

Being loud at these platforms helps you cut through the noise and make important relations with the developers out there.

Use this network to attract candidates with eye-catching advertisements, videos, photos, hashtags, photos, anecdotes, campaigns, etc.

GitHub (Best Place to Hire Software Developers)

The online project hosting service site, aka the open market of developers.

Here is where the software developers, engineers share their open-source works.

Get a public account running up and proceed with exploring the contact info of developers, their websites or portfolios they’ve displayed, their social influence, basic things like the number of followers, their GitHub contributions and repositories, etc.


The famous Q&A online platform that facilitates social interactions, interesting conversations and develops a wide range of online network among people.

Firstly, you’ve to develop your reputation on this platform by answering questions from the field your startup is working in, questions and queries about hiring processes, requirements, etc.

Identify the respective domain experts by reviewing the topics of interest and by initiating conversations. 

Even if Quora can’t assist you by sourcing the candidates directly, it’ll help you to design a more relevant hiring strategy.


A promising tool for recruiting, this platform exerts an enormous wave of social influence on job aspirants.

On Glassdoor, people write and read anonymous reviews about various companies and company life.

Hence, this is where you must build an awesome base for your company or brand while being sincere, honest and most importantly, transparent in the workflow.

Recruiters often gather important and valuable metrics from this very site.

Stack Overflow (Best Place to Hire Software Developers)

This is the online community where programmers share their knowledge, learn from each other, solve queries, share codes and eventually advance their careers.

Here you can access the basic details and summaries about programmers. You can use the right filters to refine your search and get to good developers.

For accessing and going through the passive candidates, do check out the careers section.

Never forget to always engage in various interactive and meaningful discussions with people sharing the same interest to develop along with the community.


This platform is of an online community that is pretty active when it comes to submitting content like text posts, direct links, etc, in very specific subreddits.

Many developers, thought leaders ask questions and discuss various tech-related topics on this platform.

This makes this social platform a favorable and valuable source of highly skilled programmers.

Remember that Reddit owns its Boolean search terminology. 

Organize and attend Meetups and Developer Events (Best Place to find Software Developers)

The meetups and tech fairs unite people who share the same professional interests and requirements. 

Such meetups and events help you find potential developers without attending any exclusive event since these meetups and events are usually public.

Analyze, filter the candidates and make your interest list. Later on, you can send them personalized emails for showing interest in proceeding with the hiring process.

The developer events usually give you the exposure to get acquainted with the most sought out technical masterminds.

Here is where you can build connections and proceed with mutually beneficial relationships.

Conduct Hackathons (Best Place to find developers)

The hackathons are the place of splendid opportunities to network with exceptional talent as well as industry experts.

Use your skills and build a talent pipeline by attending such events from where you can meet hardworking, smart and very passionate programmers. Make sure you attend the right events. 

You can also conduct hackathons on your own once you’re thorough with the process and invite over some impressive candidates.

Are you looking for Cheap Software developers?

Follow these six strategies to get a cheap software developer for your startup:

  • You can outsource programming to cheaper locales
  •  Or outsource to freelance sites
  •  Also, you can hire remotely
  • Get yourself a startup partner who can code
  • Seek referrals to get developers
  • Patronize your startup help sites

Best websites to find a programmer (Find developers for startup)

For your startup, the best websites to look for programmers or software developers are:

  • Daxx
  • AngelList
  • Upwork
  • Toptal
  • LinkedIn
  • Stack Overflow

These are considered the most efficient sites to find programmers who match your skillset requirements, budget, values, etc.

Know your competitors and their products (Find developers for startup)

Once you decide on the platform, you should look around for the existing solutions on the same line as your startup.

It is important to ensure the better reception of your solution. It is also essential to hire the perfect programmer for the cause who possesses expertise in the required field.

To know the viability of any solution is essential to know before going on a hunt to find programmers for your startup.

Once you are ready with the list of similar solutions, make sure you note down the following factors:

  • Their prominent features
  • The types of problems they solve
  • Who is known as an ideal customer?
  • How are they approaching and serving their customer?
  • Understand and make a detailed study of the problems and the issues

The answers to these questions will be beneficial for your startup. These answers will help you get your head around the kind of solution you want to build.

As a result, if you know the vital application requirements, the hiring process of the programmers or software developers for your startup will be more comfortable.

Because then, you will know what exactly are you looking for and it’ll be better to understand the skill set of the developer.

Concluding hiring the software developers for your startup

With this, now you are aware of everything you need to know and what you need to be prepared with when searching for a software developer for your startup.

We close the topic of how to find developers for your startup USA UK.

Do follow these pinpointers and successfully hire great developers for your startup. Good luck! This concludes the topic How To Find Developers For Your Startup.

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