Have you guys ever watched the Netflix series " Start up"?. The story starts with a girl who has been working on a tech project called "Gencoin" (a digital currency) Read more
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Blue-Green Deployment
So you've just launched a pilot version of your product users are going nuts about how cool this product is. You get a lot of feature requests from this pilot Read more
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When was the last time you and your friend disagreed on something and you didn't check google? As a matter of fact, the universal word for looking up something online Read more
Topic – Unique interview questions to ask the employer | 2022-23 Yes, you heard it right. I know what you are thinking, isn't it the other way around. For the Read more
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A lot of developers scratch their heads when it comes to this in javascript. One of the main reasons is that this in javascript is different compared to other languages Read more
rise and fall of crypto
Topic – Is Cryptocurrency the Future? | 2022-23 In the past few years, at some point, you might have come across the word cryptocurrency unless you live in a forest Read more
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