10 Top Healthcare Tech Companies

Healthcare technology aka HealthTech was designed so that administration and healthcare can work seamlessly. Top Healthcare Tech companies help you, the customer, get the best surgical and technological experience at hospitals.

This article will try to answer your questions about the most significant and leading HealthTech companies. The HealthTech industry is currently worth around 2 trillion US dollars and statistically, it should reach 8 trillion by the end of 2030. Let us look at the very best healthcare tech companies of 2022.

The following list is not solely based on revenue. It also takes the influence of these companies and customer service into account.

List of Top Healthcare Tech Companies[2021-2022]

Healthcare Tech CompanyRevenue in USD Headquarters
Novartis2.9 billionUSA and Switzerland
Stryker17 billionUSA
Edwards Lifesciences1.3 billionUSA
Centura Health17 billionUSA
Integra Lifesciences1 billionUSA
CitiusTech0.5 billionUSA
NextGen Healthcare0.58 billionUSA
Vocera0.22 billionUSA
Poseida Therapeutics, Inc.0.5 billionUSA
SOC Telemed0.81 billion USA
The List of 10 most significant Healthcare Tech companies

Top Healthcare Tech Companies

1. Novartis

Category: Biotech

Novartis has one of the largest customer bases around the world and earnestly provides innovative medical solutions to 1 billion people regularly. To handle its worldwide audience it has two separate headquarters, one in Basel, Switzerland, and another in Massachusettes, USA. Novartis is currently employing over 125,000 medical professionals.


Novartis was founded in 1996 through the merger of Ceiba-Geigy and Sandoz. And since then it has revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry through cancer-fighting drugs and other essentials. On top of this Novartis is a pharmaceutical company that promotes and generates generic drugs that let the customers avail of life-saving medicines at a reasonable price and reach those medicines to underserved populations.

2. Stryker

Category: Medical Devices

Stryker is one of the leading medical technology companies that manufactures and delivers medical devices to over a hundred countries throughout the world. It has over 46,000 employees in total in these countries.


Stryker is based in Michigan, USA. The company’s productions are divided into three medical categories–Orthopaedics, MedSurg, and Neurotechnology and Spine. The third segment has seen contributed to the growth of the company immensely in recent years making Stryker one of the top health technology companies in the world with over $17 billion in sales in 2021 alone.

Stryker was founded by Kalamazoo orthopedic Dr. Homer Stryker and its initial name was Orthopedic Frame Company. Stryker has recently launched its Global Technology Centre in New Delhi.

3. Edwards Lifesciences

Category: Medical Devices

Edwards Lifesciences was founded by an engineer, Miles “Lowell” Edwards in 1958 as a provider of medical technology to hospitals and a space for further research on medical technology. This Medtech company too has a customer base in over a hundred countries and currently has 16,000 employees.

Edwards Lifesciences
Edwards Lifesciences

Edwards Lifesciences focuses on manufacturing equipment related to structural heart diseases and critical care monitoring. Although Edwards Lifesciences is one of the leading healthcare tech companies in the world they have a patient-focused policy which makes them unique and budget-friendly. The manufacturing operations of this company are distributed throughout North America, Europe, Singapore, and The Caribbean.

4. Centura Health [Top Consumer Healthcare Tech Company]

Category: Consumer HealthTech

Centura Health is on this list because of its unique approach to healthcare technology. It is a faith-based healing company and a nonprofit organization. Centura Health distributes across Western Kansas and colorado with the help of 6000 experienced physicians. This HealthTech company is especially devoted to serving traditionally underserved communities. The network of Centura Health now consists of over 17 hospitals.

Centura Health
Centura Health

Centura Health is an altruistic organization that helps other local organizations as well. This company was founded 25 years ago, in 1882, through a group of Catholic sisters. Now they promote food security and behavioral and mental healthcare alongside being a leading HealthTech company. Recently Centura Health launched a 5 million dollars health equity and advancement grant.

5. Integra Lifesciences

Category: MedTech

Integra Lifesciences has made it to thehealthcaretechnologyreport.com, a list of top 100 healthcare tech companies for two years in a row. That’s why we have put this company so high up on the list. Integra Lifesciences has become one of the most significant names among the medical technology suppliers in the HealthTech industry. Their regenerative tissue technology has made revolutionary progress in treating severe tissue damage.

Integra Lifesciences
Integra Lifesciences

Integra Lifesciences was founded by Richard E. Caruso in 1989. The headquarters of Integra Lifesciences is now situated in Princeton, New Jersey. Integra Lifesciences has a range of medical solutions for dural access repair, cerebral spinal fluid management, and neuro-critical care. It has 3000 employees across the world, as well as manufacturing and storage offices and research facilities in Asia, Australia, Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East.

6. CitiusTech

Category: Software and data


CitiusTech is one of the leading software and data HealthTech companies. They are working towards accelerating digital innovation and industry-wide convergence through data technology. CitiusTech has over 7000 employees across fields like AI and analytics, strategic consulting, data, digital engineering, and other specialized platforms.

7. NextGen Healthcare

Category: Healthcare software

NextGen Healthcare
NextGen Healthcare

NextGen Healthcare secured the 6th position on the 2021 list of top healthcare technology companies in the official report – thehealthcaretechnologyreport.com. This company supports ambulatory and specialty practices through integrated technology and services platforms. NextGen was founded in 1974 and initially focused on improving ambulatory care.

NextGen has recently been on a 5-year transformation that has helped the company secure “Best in KLAS” rankings in dual ambulatory healthcare solution categories. Currently, NextGen has over 2600 employees all over the world. They have offices in Bangalore, Horsham, and Irvine. In 2021, NextGen generated 580 million dollars of revenue.

8. Vocera Communications

Category: Communication Technology

Vocera Communications
Vocera Communications

Vocera Communications strives for improving and easing the work of medical professionals and patients through better and more effective communication and humanizing healthcare. It was founded in 2000 and now has a network of 2300 facilities of which 1900 are hospitals or healthcare facilities.

9. Poseida Therapeutics, Inc.

Category: BioTech

Poseida Therapeutics
Poseida Therapeutics

CEO Ostertag, MD, and Ph.D. started Poseida Therapeutics, Inc. in 2014. In a very short time Poseida Therapeutics, a startup, has succeeded in becoming one of the leading BioTech companies in the world. It has secured 10th position among the top healthcare tech companies in the 2022 report of thehealthcaretechreport.com because of its groundbreaking research on gene therapeutics.

10. SOC Telemed

Category: Healthcare Software

SOC Telemed
SOC Telemed

SOC Telemed is the leading telemedicine and technology solution provider for over 1000 facilities since 2004. Their headquarters are in Reston, Virginia. This company provides a reliable partner presence and delivers patient care through teleNeurology, telePsychiatry, Critical Care, telePulmonology, teleCardiology, Infectious Disease, teleNephrology, Maternal-Fetal Medicine, and other service lines.

Other Top Healthcare Tech Companies and Startups

There are other organizations and companies that contribute to the technological improvement of healthcare that needs to be mentioned.

List of Top Healthcare Tech startups

  1. SonderMind: Founded in 2014 the 5-year search growth of this company has been 1900%. The headquarters of this company is located in Denver Colorado. SonderMind finds and pairs patients with therapists according to their individual needs and strives to retain the patient’s privacy.
  2. CareRev: The 5-year search growth of this company is 9400%. The headquarters of CareRev is situated in Los Angeles, California and they strive toward finding expert medical professionals and providing medical facilities with this database. CareRev started in 2015.
  3. Meru Health: Meru Health, founded in 2016, has a 5-year search growth of 509%. Meru Health was funded by a 53 million dollars grant. It has its headquarters in San Mateo, California. Meru Health provides online resources for Mental Health.
  4. Modern Fertility: Founded in 2017, Modern Fertility has a 5-year search growth of about 328%. They are located in San Francisco, California. Modern Fertility is one of the few companies focused on creating a better healthcare space for women.
  5. Embleema: Embleema has a 5-year search growth of 700%. They are located in New York City, New York. This is a blockchain start-up. Embleema helps patients know about their medical status and make an informed decision by providing contact with medical professionals.

List of Top Healthcare IT Companies

  1. Cerner Corporations
  2. McKesson Corporations
  3. International Business Machine Corporations
  4. GE Healthcare
  5. Allscripts Healthcare Solutions
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Who are the biggest healthcare tech companies?

In addition to the companies mentioned in the article, there are other huge healthcare technology companies like Johnson & Johnson, Danaher Corporations, Fresenius Medical care, Castle Biosciences, INC, and Horizon Therapeutics.

What is a HealthTech startup?

A HealthTech startup is a small newly started healthcare technology company and usually functions online. They help provide information technology solutions to reduce costs and improve the delivery of medical solutions.

What technology is being used in healthcare?

Healthcare technology is using newer technologies like cloud, blockchain, and AI tools based on machine learning.

How Big is the HealthTech industry?

The healthcare technology industry is worth 350 billion USD currently and hoping to reach 2 trillion dollars by the end of 2030.

What are some best healthcare technology companies to work for?

Johnson & Johnson, Stryker, Integra Lifesciences, and Edwards Lifesciences have some of the best-recognized workplaces and worker-friendly policies.

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