YOu might not know

Melanie comes from Australia, she is the founder and CEO of the popular cloud image editing tool Canva.Her net worth is around 6.5 Billion USD 

Melanie Perkins



He has revolutionized the tech ecosystem with his startup accelerator program Y Combinator. Paul's estimated networth is ~ $2.5 billion

Paul Graham

The saviour, CEO and used to be chairman of Starbucks has an estimated networth of US$3.9 billion

howard schultz



The wife of late David Koch, co-owner of Koch Industries is one of the richest female in the world with an estimated networth of $57.9 billion, inherited most of this from her late husband

julia koch


The founder and chairman of Dangote Group (the largest industrial conglomerate in West Africa) is the richest person in Africa with an estimated networth of US $19.1 billion.

Aliko Dangote


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