Best technological evolutions that can change the world

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the simulation of human mind aided by computational power of machines. It is widely used in today's time to give personalised recommendation to people for surfing internet or for online purchases

Web 3.0

With the world heading more towards digital space, money has become less powerful than identity, ownership and trust. Web 3.0 is something that can offer you trust through decentralized system and identity along with ownership via Non-Fungible tokens

Extended Reality

It is a combination of augmented, mixed and virtual reality. Simply put, it is something that can take you anywhere or bring anything to you. A popular example of XR is our very own Mark Zuckerberg's new project called Metaverse


Hyperloop, term coined by Elon Musk, is a high speed transportation system that can travel at a top speeed of 760 mph (1223 km/h). It is expected to be 2.5 times faster than the world's fastest bullet train Shanghai Maglev (286 mph)

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