What is a Webinar Interview? (Your Ultimate go-to Guide)

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Do you have a webinar interview coming in your way? Now, I’m curious to know, are you going to organize the event or are you going to be the guest of the event? If you say ‘yes’ to any of them either, then you are warmly welcome in this article.

Let me give you a short sneak peek of this entire article. Firstly, you will get to know about ‘what is webinar interview’. Secondly, you will learn how to be a fantastic host. Thirdly and lastly, you will master how to ace a webinar interview as an interviewee/guest. 

I know attending a webinar is fruitful for all of us. But to organize it as the host, or to face it as an interviewee is not as easy as walking in the park. Be it a host or an interviewee, they both highly influence the audience. And as you all know, the audience is the ultimate gem for you along with your business.

Now that you have understood the importance of your impression in the webinar, let’s go a little deeper to make you understand more about, ‘what is webinar interview’.

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What is webinar interview?

First of all, you should have a concise idea about the single word,’ webinar’. A webinar is a live event or workshop that is viewed by your target audiences for gaining knowledge, expertise, or information in any niche.

By mentioning target audiences, I mean people who have a keen desire or expertise in a particular field. If you are a code-savvy person, you will certainly not attend a webinar in the fashion industry, right?

Let’s jump to the main topic that is regarding the webinar interview. A webinar interview is an event where a host/hosts ask varieties of questions to an expert of the particular industry or niche. 

Why is a webinar interview necessary?

You may ask me now, hey but why is a webinar interview crucial? Look, there are certain benefits that a webinar interview provides to the host and the organization. 

  •  Primarily, it builds a relationship between the host and the interviewee. Human-to-human connection is the basis for every other thing. 
  • Further, it develops a sense of trust among the audiences. How is that even possible? Let me break it down. 

Well, have you heard about Hubspot? I bet you have! Hubspot has hosted bunches of webinars with big companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Unbounce, and many others. When people like you and I see the events, it automatically creates a sense of security and trust with Hubspot. And undoubtedly, the audiences learn A LOT from the webinars.

You see, webinar interviews highly influence the target audience. It is like a win-win situation for the hosts, interviewee, and the audiences. 

Did you stick with me till here? Well, you deserve a big THANK YOU from me. Thus, read the entire piece of article, I swear I won’t disappoint you! 

Coming back to the topic, I hope I made you clear about, ‘what is webinar interview’. Now I am asking you the same question once again:

Are you going to be the host of the webinar or the interviewee of the webinar?

  •  If you are the interviewee, then you may scroll to the section of ‘How to ace the webinar interview like a pro’?
  • If you are going to be the host, then read the next section because you will get to know about how to be a fantastic host. 

How to be a fantastic host so that people remember you and your brand?

The host is the most important part of the webinar. You are responsible for your entire brand. Your movements, your words, your fluency, your knowledge, your presence everything impacts the webinar. After all, people came to the interview because they trust you and your brand voice. You should give your best effort to make the webinar effective and engaging. 

I have listed five top-graded tips to make you the remarkable host for your next webinar. Let’s dive in!

1. Choose the perfect interviewee.

You may be an important part of the interview, but let’s be honest. People have offered their time to gather knowledge from the interviewee.

Choose an interviewee who is an expert in the field, someone who is a role model for others. When you choose the right person, you have already done a major chunk of your work.

But here comes the problem. How do we choose the perfect guest? Look, we all know some of the experts related to our industry. Approach them, send them a short and formal mail, and know their decisions. You should be able to build a good relationship with the person. 

After you select the best fit, it’s time to fix the date and time of the event. Do not fix the date and time without a piece of proper knowledge. Check out this article to know the best time to host a webinar.

2. Conduct target audience research.

As I already said earlier, target audiences are the gems for your business. You can not succeed if you don’t serve your audience nicely. 

So, know what your audience wants from your interview. Research about their income levels, where they work, how their day looks like, where they are learning. Above all, if you can make them happy, you are successful. 

3. Prepare the questionnaire.

Do you go to give a test without even knowing the basics of the subject? I hope no, right? Similarly, don’t sit in the webinar without preparing yourself. 

Firstly, know the details of the person you are interviewing with. We all have stalked our crush at some point in our life. Haven’t we? In the same way, stalk the interviewee.

 Come on, it may sound cringy but it is what it is. So go through his socials, read his contents, visit his website. Indeed, know him professionally.

You have already researched well about the target audience and interviewee. It’s time to do the most important work before proceeding further.

Make the list of questions you or your target audience want to ask. This will make you look confident in the webinar. You can simply put a question sticker on your Instagram story. This will make the audience decide themselves what they want from you. Easy and efficient way!

4. Promote your webinar.

Let people know about your webinar. Make an eye-catchy landing page featuring the interviewee and mentioning the date, time, platform, price of the webinar.

Promote it on your brand’s socials. Paid ads on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter are effective ways to attract potential customers. 

Also, you can mail your target audience. 

  • Initially, send them the webinar mail.
  • After that, send a ‘Thank you’ mail to the people who signed up for the webinar.
  • Send more value-packed reminder emails so that no one misses the webinar. The more people you get, the more engaging it gets.
  • Send FOMO mail to the people who did not sign up for the webinar. Let them know what value they are missing.

5. Let the interviewee speak!

It should be noted that the interviewee is the person for whom people invested their money and time. Make the interviewee feel comfortable in the webinar. Welcome him and Thank him for joining. Introduce yourself and the guest creatively. This article will help you to give a perfect 2-minute introduction.

Not to mention, you should ask top-notch engaging questions to the guest. Let him answer your questions politely. Mind you again, the webinar is not about you. Don’t start speaking about yourself unless asked. 

Enjoy the webinar. Be yourself and make the communication flow naturally. 

In this way, you can conduct an effective interview. I hope this helps you. I know you will give your best for the webinar. All the very best. Remember, you are a rockstar!

How to ace the webinar interview like a pro?

Now if you are an interviewee/ presenter, you should know that the webinar revolves entirely around you. I understand that you may doubt yourself and you are scared. But know that, you can do it. 

Here are hot five tips to ace your next webinar interview like a pro.

1. Practice as much as you can.

I don’t think I need to remind you, the power of practice. Isn’t it? Practice does make a person perfect.

At this time, you can ask for the questionnaire from the host. After getting the questions, prepare yourself thoroughly. Do not leave any stone unturned. 

Practice speaking in front of some real people. Get feedback from them. Improve more and more. Remember, you should be a good public speaker to ace the webinar. Added with that, get yourself accustomed to the webinar platform. Furthermore, you can also make your engaging script.

If you’re going to attend or host a webinar on programming languages then go check out this article on basic concepts of Javascript.

2. Prepare engaging slideshows.

The MOST IMPORTANT task to do before a webinar is surely making slideshows. Slideshows will help you to captivate the audience. Plus, it will make the webinar attractive, catchy, and interesting. 

Hence, take your time to make slideshows. Present the content backed with data, stats to make it look more realistic as well as engaging. Check out this article to create engaging slideshows.

3. Be active in the webinar.

During the webinar, be super active. Listen to the host carefully, take your time to think. Then, come with a creative answer. Show people that you are passionate and excited about the webinar. 

Here are some quick tips to follow during the webinar:

  • Introduce yourself with a ‘Hi everyone.’
  • Look into the camera while speaking.
  • Share your screen. 
  • Take a pause between the answers.
  • Be confident.

4. Make the webinar about ‘them’.

One thing to always keep in mind is that people want to learn from the webinar. It is good to share your personal experiences. Share about your ups and downs, how did you cope up with changes and things like that. But make sure you provide value to the audience.

Through your experience, make the audience aware of what to do and what to avoid. In that way, deliver your audiences what they want. I have already said. I will say it again- your success lies in their satisfaction level.

5. Be you!

Do not lose the real you in the whole process. Communicate with the host, get comfortable, engage. Most importantly, enjoy the process. 

This sums up, how to ace a webinar interview like a pro. Always think positive. You can listen to self-help audiobooks. This will provide solace to your mind and your body. Here are our best life-changing audiobook suggestions.

Give your best. Trust me, someone who tries never fails. Rock it!

This was the 5th tip for what is webinar interview.

General FAQs on What is a Webinar Interview

How to answer a webinar interview question?

In this case, there are no specific mantras to help you. Ask for the questions beforehand, prepare yourself, and be confident when you answer.

Do we need to dress up for a webinar?

As the old cliche goes, ‘first impression is the last impression’. People will firstly look at you and your clothes even before you start speaking. Hence, wear formal or decent clothes in a webinar. 

What is a job webinar?

Sometimes, a company announces its job vacancies in webinars. This is typically known as a ‘job webinar’. Want to know more about this? Check this.

Wrapping up on what is a webinar interview.

A webinar interview is a live workshop where a host asks questions to an expert in a specific field. 

If you are a host, you must:

  • Choose the perfect interviewee.
  • Conduct target audience research.
  • Prepare the questionnaire.
  • Promote your webinar.
  • Let the interviewee speak!

But if you are the interviewee, you must:

  • Practice as much as you can.
  • Prepare engaging slideshows.
  • Be active in the webinar
  • Make the webinar about ‘them’.
  • Be you!

Both the host and the guest should primarily enjoy the whole webinar. At the same time, the communication should flow smoothly making it engaging.

Meanwhile, do not let deep silence prevail over your communication. 

Thank you for staying till the end! Drop a cute comment so that we could work harder to provide the best content at your fingertips. Visit readosapien for similar posts. This concludes the topic What is a Webinar Interview.

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