Where can I post my blog to get more traffic?

Where can I post my blog to get more traffic? Aren’t you tired of asking this already? Before diving into it, let’s start with a light opening…

Keep reading. It is one of the most marvelous adventures that anyone can have.

Lloyd Alexander

It’s hard to dispute the words of Lloyd Alexander. Reading is a daily chore that humans undertake both voluntarily & involuntarily. From reading nursery rhymes as a kid in school to reading a philosophical thesis as an adult, reading broadens our outlook on life.

The conventional way of reading has now been overtaken by the art of blogging. A blogpost is now the go-to destination for accessing content based on various niches. Bloggers have a knack for “magically weaving a web of articulate expressions to capture the reader’s imagination.” But the question which has strangled the mind of every blogger on the planet remains – “Where can I post my blog to get more traffic?”

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How tough is it tog gain traffic and make your blog post pop up on someone’s screen?

Considering that you are reading this article as a blogger, let me try & put this into context. A blog will serve no purpose if it isn’t read by the public. The effort that goes into writing a comprehensive written material is undoubtedly of great importance but it’s presentation holds decent leverage as well. A blogpost deserves to be read in order to honor the scribe’s efforts, but this doesn’t always happen, does it?

IF you fail to follow SEO practices, then no one will read your work except your close circle. From using rigorously researched keywords to writing carefully orchestrated meta descriptions, it isn’t a cakewalk to popularize your trail of thoughts. Although the hard work needs effort, tthe grass is greener on the other side.

Let’s start from scratch – write, write &….write!!!

If you want to pursue the art of blogging, then throw your rigidity out of the window, starting right now!! Readers on the web who are looking for content to gaze upon certainly don’t have a specific niche. If the readers don’t have a specific niche to read, then why are you stuck with a particular niche to write on?

Writing on a variety of niches’ will help you broaden your outreach & enhance your chances of increasing traffic on your blogging site. It’s true that a person cannot sail in two boats at the same time, but when it comes to writing stuff, you can write on absolutely anything you want.

Now that we’re done with what to write, let us now delve into the art of presenting & popularizing.

Search Engine Optimization – What is it?

The process of maximizing the number of visitors on your website…blah blah!! You already know this, so instead, let us direct our attention to what needs to be worked on. Images, Meta descriptions, Internal Links & Outbound Links to name a few components are basically what SEO implies.

Search Engine Optimization basically implies the perfect application of all it’s components in a proportionate manner. The content you post, though it’s intrinsic to your possible success, carries very little value in terms of what you aspire to do. SEO is the bridge that will connect you to the global audience. Following SEO Standards will teach you how to get traffic to your blog.

Let us now dive into the details of this elaborate process.

How to master the art of SEO?

Step 1 : Work on the Title.

This might seem irrelevant but trust me, the title of your blog is of utmost significance. The title sets the tone for the content you are going to produce. If your title is not attractive/catchy, then the readers will not bother scrolling down. Make sure to use the title in the right places & make it representative of the crux of your blogpost.

Think of SEO as a pipeline between your article and visitors. One small hole and all the traffic goes down in drain without reaching your blog post.

Use the title in spaces such as the URL & Meta description. Furthermore, ensure that the title is not a long drawn out one OR as they say, Keep it short, but effective!

Step 2: Images do matter, don’t neglect them?

It is a well known fact that the human brain excels at consuming visual information. A written text will have a greater impact if it is accompanied by an image of some sort. Don’t just insert images for the sake of doing so. Analyze your content before deciding the perfect images that can complement your ideas.

Research your images & don’t forget to cite the source from where you have copied it. If needed, don’t hesitate in inserting your own creations in your blogpost. After all, your words can be best complemented by images that are framed in one’s mind.

Step 3: Keyword Research (Crucial step in getting more traffic to your blog post)

Although this appears as the 3rd step, it forms the basis of your content. Carrying out keyword research will enhance your chances of appearing on the web & experiencing high traffic on your blog. Keywords are basically focus words that a user types on the web. If you integrate keywords into your blogposts then here’s what will happen.

Suppose a user types ” top tourist spots around the world” then search engines like google will highlight websites that have created content that includes the following information, exactly as it is. Primary & Secondary keywords need to be distributed in an optimum manner. Primary keywords appear in spots such as the title, focus keyphrase, body, conclusion, meta description, etc. Secondary keywords can be integrated anywhere, but in a smart & efficient manner.

Keyword research is the best way of generating blog traffic. There are tools that can help you carry out keyword research & you can also do it on your own. All you have to do is pick a niche, select a topic & search for stuff that hasn’t been published on the web related to that particular topic. Do this & you will be a step ahead of your fellow bloggers on the web.

Apart from keyword research, it is also important to shorten your search spectrum beforehand depending upon the traction your website gets on regular basis:

Short-tail keywords (less likely to attract traffic to your blog post)

These type of keywords are highly competitive and it is highly advised to not go for it unless your website is super popular.

Mid-tail keywords

While this type of keywords lie in the median, it is still not recommended to use such keywords on regular basis.

Long-tail keywords (the absolute best in attracting traffic to your blog post)

As the name suggests, long-tail keywords are generally longer in length and hence, have little to no competition.

Step 4 : Everything’s Linked!

Internal links are the heart & soul of the research you will carry out. Let’s be honest, nobody knows every little detail about a particular topic. When you select something to write about, it’s obvious that you will carry out some research of your own before writing about it. All you have to do is also link your research to your final content.

If you are citing a research paper from Google Scholar, insert a link for the same. If you are citing an interview from another website, link that as well. Use as many internal links as you possibly can to improve your chances of getting ranked on the web and boosting traffic to your blog post.

Now to address the elephant in the room, where should you post your blog & boost blog traffic? There are numerous sites on the web where bloggers have created their own little paradise. Blog sharing websites like Medium, Blogger, Tumblr are the go-to destinations for bloggers to roll out their content for readers to gaze upon.

Talking about linkage, here’s a go-to guide from wpbeginner on How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog Post.

Where can I post my blog to get more traffic?:-

Let’s dive into it!!

How to post stuff on Blogging sites:-

Blogging sites promote blogs based on the tags you instill in them. Suppose you’ve written a blog on the “best smartphones brands in the world”, then a user on that particular blogging site will stumble upon your blogpost when he searches the TAG – “Smartphones.”

Attach tags to your blogpost before publishing it in order to generate interest on your blogpost. Your next question will most definitely be , “How do I figure out popular tags on such sites?” Well, searching for trending tags is a walk in the park because every blogging site recommends them to you automatically. But you won’t just pick popular tags recommended by these sites.

The manner in which these tags recommend blogposts to a user, search engines work in a similar manner. Once you’ve figured out a topic for yourself in your keyword research, figure out the kind of recommendations that appear on a search engine if a user types the same in the search box.

TAGS will not only help you rank on a blogging site, your blogpost will also attract traffic from the web in general.

The art of Social Share which will guarantee enormous traffic to blog post:-

Social Media is the best place to promote content, irrespective of the niche. Posting Content on your social media handles will give you a good head-start in generating traffic . Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp groups provide you with a readymade audience, something you can possibly explore. Platforms like Instagram even allow you to boost your posts & help you reach out to a larger audience, at the expense of a few bucks.

There you have it, SEO, Blogging sites & Social Media combined will help you answer your query, “Where can I post my blog to get more traffic?”

How do I increase traffic to my wordpress blog?

Keyword research before embarking on writing an article, incorporating them into your blogs & following the aforementioned SEO methods will set you onto the right path of generating blog traffic.

How long does it take for a blog to get traffic?

It is a long, drawn out wait. On an average a blog can take up to 3-4 months to get substantial traffic. This is a very subjective issue & solely depends on the right promotion & SEO methods.

What is the best time of a day to post a blog?

There is no such time because user engagement can be very uneven. However, studies conducted by OKDork & BuzzSumo have revealed that the best time to post a blog can be between 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. because user engagement is at it’s peak during this time, especially during week days.

How many blog views do you need to make money?

You can monetize your blog even at a 1000 views per month but that won’t be enough. Atleast 10,000 views per month is considered to be a decent number to help you monetize your blog through adsense or affiliate marketing.

What kind of blogs make the most money?

Finance, Fashion, Travel, Marketing, Food, etc., you just name it. The niche doesn’t really carry much significance because all of them can help you earn. Generally a niche that has less competition can help you grow more.

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