Ever Wondered Why Alienware Laptops So Expensive?

Topic – Why Alienware laptops so expensive? | 2021-22

Ahoy gamers! Looking for such a laptop that can get you the best gaming experience ever? 

Did someone suggest Alienware for you? Or have you come treasure hunting on your own? Are you going through the prices and comparing other laptops?

And just by looking at the price, are you wondering why are Alienware Laptops so expensive?

Well, all your worries end here. In this post, we’ve tried to justify its baffling price tag.

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why alienware laptops so expensive

‘Much of the excitement for virtual reality sources right from the gaming community, nothing should beat the experience.’

What is Alienware? Why are Alienware laptops so expensive?

The computer hardware Alienware is quite a popular subsidiary of Dell. Exclusively designed for gamers, these products bring to you the best gaming experiences. 

And as you are wondering, they don’t come in cheap when you talk while concerning other competing brands.

There are a couple of factors giving ground to its price tag.

What is special about Alienware laptops?

Alienware laptops come with common RAM. Instead, they come with video RAM. 

RAM. The frame rate, rendering, texture qualities, etc are enhanced due to the quick processing brought by the VRAM.

Yeah. You read it right, the video RAM makes sure that you don’t miss out on the extreme gaming experience.

The technology in the Alienware laptops is advanced. This awesome blend of form and function is hence getting on the nerves of many cheaper laptops to surpass.

Alienware laptops come with amazing features like:

  • The 9ms response time
  • A quirky cooling system consisting of top and bottom vents with a rare side exhaust system 
  • Super dynamic thermal control just to manage the temperature of the laptop
  • A precision point glass touchpad
  • High voltage driving fan with a hardwired hardware system fitted in
  • Customized high-quality motherboards and hundreds of more quality features

And all this so that you can run your games smoothly. You don’t need to worry about the heating of the processor if you have an Alienware laptop. 

You are just in for a treat to the higher efficiency.

By providing an exceptional gaming experience without any nuisance, yes, these Alienware laptops make all the money worth the price tag.

Are Alienware laptops worth the price?

The answer to this question depends on two factors. 

Your budget and your usage.

For some people out there, Alienware is the ultimate achievement of portable gaming. 

The very understanding that Alienware is just for gamers is false. Alienware laptops are also for the one who needs a powerful PC laptop along with impressive specs.

Yes, the price is popularly hefty, which is the reason many people turn towards the affordable similar laptops by Asus and Acer.

But the quality of the gaming experience by Alienware is unbeatable. 

Pros and Cons of getting an Alienware laptop

The Pros:

Elegant Science fiction inspired designs

When it comes to Alienware laptop designs, this company is famous for coming up with bold and eye-catching features in its unique modern design.

The material and the texture in the laptops and desktop sets feel unworldly.

Anodized aluminium, copper, platinum, and magnesium are the key elements Alienware uses to make its product stiff and rigid.

RGB lightings are the signature when it comes to any of Alienware’s pieces.

As per the model, you get RGB lighting on the keyboard, the Alienware logo, the edges of the laptop, trackpads, and the casing.

The lights and colours are fully customizable via the Alienware command centre. The latest laptops allow you to customize every key on the keyboard separately. Sounds fun, right?

The newer laptops have rounded corners and less aggressive looks.

The flash lightings are restricted to a few key spots on the laptop, this gives the device a more elegant look.

Powerful performance and features

Alienware is the trendsetter when it comes to the gaming industry. As a result, Alienware devices helps you have an upper hand with your other fellow gamers.

Alienware works on the motto of performance. This makes Alienware laptops compromise on other factors like weight and dimensions.


The ‘Tobii Eye tracker’ lets you log into your laptop conveniently with a biometric access login. This tracker is found in the latest models of Alienware laptops.

The need to type a password is smoothly eliminated by this new facial recognition technology.

Alienware has also come up with its new clear-coat paint formula which can resist stains and smudges. Yeah, you can snack happily while gaming now, no need to worry about your precious laptop getting stained.

Provides a wide range of screen options

The extra screen features aren’t essential for all, but it’s always better to have this option.

You have the options of 4K, G-SYNC, and a higher refresh rate. Sounds perfect for gaming, doesn’t it?

Alienware offers 120-Hz screens for games that run beyond 60fps. This gives you amusingly smooth gameplay.

High-quality keyboard and touchpads

The latest Alienware desktop keyboards feature the brand-new generation Cherry MX keys. The key durability of this is about 50 million keystrokes!

They are also completely programmable.

Floating key architecture and enhanced ergonomics facilitate efficient gaming to the gamers.

The Alienware laptops come with reliable and high-quality keyboards which are essential for gaming.

A clear lettering font, amazing core typing action and crisp feedback allow you to type effortlessly fast.

A well-designed touchpad with precision-point glass makes the gaming experience more awesome.


Over the internet, many people have written excellent reviews about Alienware gaming laptops and desktops.

Also, the Alienware headphones receive popular feedbacks.

The Cons:

Unbalanced systems

A part of the crowd believes that Alienware goes overboard when it comes to hardware.

The inclusion of the most top of the line processors is all fine till you don’t sacrifice the overall device quality.

Unusually high price

It is a universal fact that Alienware is an expensive brand.

There are mixed opinions among the crowd. Some say it’s all worth it and some say the device is overpriced. 

The debate is about Alienware’s desktop PCs.

Left Out details

Some people argue that Alienware uses the extremely high-end processor in its product just as a selling strategy.

This makes most of the consumers assume all the parts are high-end processors.

This theory has become a concern at times when the company leaves some details out of the product descriptions.

Heavy and thick laptops

All the focus is on higher performance when it comes to the Alienware laptops.

Hence, these are not necessarily the most appealing or the lightest laptops in the market.

Lacks SD card slot

An issue for the photographers, video editors and anyone who works with portable storage media.

Alienware doesn’t include an SD card slot, unlike its competitors.

The simple solution to this is to buy a USB SD card reader.

Are you asking why Alienware laptops are so pricy?

If you’re asking why Alienware is so pricy; You first need to ask yourself one important question, 

Are Alienware Laptops even overpriced?

Many users argue that it’s better and cheaper to put together a gaming PC than obtain an Alienware Laptop. Guess what, they are correct.

The only thing is, you’ll be compromising on the high quality which Alienware laptops provide.

The features Alienware offers are well worth every dollar you’ve spent on it. 

Every feature of Alienware exists just to let you know- yes, you’re in for an extraordinary gaming experience and bonus. You don’t have to worry about the machine.

With all these impeccable features and services, yes, Alienware is undoubtedly worth the money.

Hence, at last, we know that these machines are not overpriced when you consider the assistance and quality it comes along with and proves true.

They are expensive but worth every penny you spend. And hence, a valuable investment.

Are Alienware Gaming Laptops better than the Razer Gaming laptops?

Both the gaming laptops, Alienware and Razer’s, are excellent for their purpose.

But these two have some fundamental differences that are reflective of Alienware’s comparatively higher price.

If you are someone with a minimalistic approach to gaming, oh, you’ll love Razer Blade Laptops. You’ll get a sleek look without over the top details.

When you compare this to Alienware, they make a statement.

The innovative Science Fiction inspired designs are the reason for much of the crowd attraction that they are polarizing.

If you’re talking about Specs, Alienware laptops have the upper hand here. They are comparatively much more advanced than the Razer Blade.

Also, you have the option to choose and buy either Intel Core i7 or i9. But when you talk about Razer Blade, they are only available with Core i7 CPU.

If you’re someone looking for top tier components and higher functionality, then Alienware is your obvious choice here. But, Razer Blade is also a decent competitor and a sustainable alternative if your budget is limited.

The Customer Support for Alienware

Fortunately, Dell serves you with a great customer support system.

You can get your query cleared by contacting the company via their email or just ringing them up.

If ever you need any help, remember that you are in for an instant response by a specialized team. Awesome, right?

Like a cherry on the top, along with splendid customer support, all Alienware laptops come with premium support and 2-year onsite service.

Once you have purchased your laptop, you get access to professional support for the whole two years. This service is known to be more than what most companies can offer.

If you still need extra assistance like the collect and return or the in-home services, you have access to that too. But it is going to cost you extra.

Are Alienware laptops still so expensive but also good?

Yes, Alienware continues to dominate the gaming community’s choice as well as the price tags.

But, as the AMD CPU got released last year, many gamers have started to wish for Alienware with AMD CPU instead of intel CPU that is comparatively less appreciated when it comes to performance and thermals.

Summing up why Alienware laptops are so expensive

In the end, Alienware laptops have earned this dominance by providing high-quality laptops and PCs in the gaming community.

If you are looking for a better performance laptop, then Alienware is the one for you.

With this, we conclude the topic of why Alienware laptops are so expensive. Visit readosapien for more similar posts. Thank You.

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