Open AI & Bing

Disrupting the Search Industry:


How internet search is being 

Bing powered by GPT-3 will revolutionize internet search by providing a conversational and personalized experience using NLP to understand queries and provide human-like responses.

Microsoft and Open AI

Microsoft and OpenAI formed a strategic investment deal in 2020 to integrate AI into Microsoft's products and services, with Microsoft having access to OpenAI's advanced AI research.

Google's Response:

Google created Bard Bot to provide quick, accurate answers within Google search using advanced NLP algorithms and a conversational approach. It demonstrates Google's commitment to AI innovation.

Affects on the Market:

The launch of Bing powered by GPT-3 has impacted the market, with Google's shares dropping & Microsoft's shares rising. The new search engine  is seen as a threat to Google.


Microsoft's Bing powered by GPT-3 is promising for search engine market, Shares of Microsoft rose and Google's dropped, indicating growth potential and Microsoft's leadership in AI.

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