About Us

Greetings Sapiens,

So, you’ve come to learn about the group behind this website. Buckle up to get disappointed by a fairly basic life of three engineers with a vision not so far exceeding their loafing abilities.

Who are we?

We are a trio of software engineers who, drum roll please…, usually spend most of their time at a 9-5 job and enjoys the weekend in total isolation with their significant other whose name is Netflix (What were you expecting from a “fairly basic life”?;~;). Checkout out our profiles – Reha Santiago, Nitin Sahu and Ragesh Natarajan.

That’s it. That’s pretty much what we do and who we are.

What is Readosapien?

We are pretty sure you are more interested in the why, how, and when rather than the what. So, we’ll try to keep it short.

Readosapien is just another blogging site where we showcase our thoughts, lessons, and experience in a way where people like you can easily relate, learn, and/or explore things.

Why Readosapien?

Not so long ago, the three of us were having a heart-to-heart conversation about life and wondering where it would take us. Suddenly a question came across our mind…

Will we even be in touch with each other in near future?

An hour into the conversation, we figured why should we let our life decide who we stay in touch with? We should be the one who gets to decide it, right? RIGHT?

And that is when we came up with an idea to build a medium that will keep us connected forever no matter where life takes us. A medium that strengthens connection through sharing knowledge. It may sound cliché to you, but trust us on this one, you are playing a vital role in this medium and we will forever be grateful to you.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights into our life <3